liponoxXtreme Pharmaceutical Innovations wasn’t kidding around when it created Liponox. Loaded with fat burners, energy boosters, and appetite suppressants, Liponox is a serious diet pill for people who are serious about weight loss.

How many other diet pills can boast 99.3% user satisfaction? Liponox may be the only one.

With a statistic like that, Liponox is clearly not a diet pill to be taken lightly. Inspecting Liponox up close reveals why its formula satisfies so many users.

What Ingredients Give Liponox Its Weight Loss Powers?

Liponox uses only ingredients that caused dramatic weight loss when tested against placebo in human volunteers. Consequently, these ingredients make Liponox a powerful, reliable fat burner.

Irvingia Gabonensis
Irvingia gabonensis comes from Africa and Southeast Asia where people have used it for centuries to prevent weight gain. More recently, scientists began studying irvingia gabonensis’s weight loss effects.

In a 10 week study, 50 participants taking 150 mg irvingia gabonensis twice daily lost an average of 28.2 pounds, including a significant percentage of body fat. They even saw their waistlines shrink by 7 inches on average.[1] Those numbers are even more amazing when you consider their daily calorie intake was still around 2700 calories.

Cissus Quadrangularis
This plant is popular in both African and Ayurvedic traditional medicine.[2] Studies show cissus quadrangularis contributes greatly to weight loss on its own. But, it is even more effective when combined with irvingia gabonensis.

The most promising cissus quadrangularis weight loss study tested both cissus quadrangularis and a cissus-irvingia combination against a placebo.

Those taking 150 mg cissus quadrangularis twice daily lost approximately 20 pounds in 10 weeks. That represented a nearly 15% body fat reduction.

But, the best results occurred in those taking both cissus quadrangularis and irvingia gabonensis, for a total of 250 mg twice daily. They dropped an average of 26 pounds over 10 weeks, nearly 3 pounds per week! That was a 20% body fat loss.[2]

Phytosome Green Tea
Green tea by itself has many health benefits. Scientists boast it fights or prevents cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and dementia.[3]

In addition, green tea contains chemicals capable of burning fat. Phytosome green tea extract is standardized to contain an effective dose of those chemicals. And, the research proves it.

In a clinical trial of Phytosome green tea, participants lost nearly 30 pounds in 90 days. They also ate a low-calorie diet. But, it cannot be credited with causing the weight loss: the placebo group lost only 11 pounds on the same diet.[4]

Green Coffee Bean Extract
Green coffee beans have astonishing fat-burning powers. These powers come from chlorogenic acid, a chemical found abundantly in unroasted green coffee beans.

Green coffee bean extract with 50% chlorogenic acid induced significant weight loss in one study.[5] That’s the same chlorogenic acid strength found in Liponox.

Those are Liponox’s most powerful and proven ingredients. But, in order to provide an energy and fat-burning boost, Liponox also contains guarana, yerba mate, kola nut, and dicaffeine malate. These caffeine sources stimulate extra calorie burning and mental alertness.

Is Liponox Expensive?

Because Liponox contains high-quality ingredients, you might expect it to have a hefty price tag. Actually, a 1-month supply costs just $59.95. And, the more you buy, the more you save. Two Liponox bottles are only $99.95. The best value is 3 bottles for $139.95. No matter which package you choose, though, you know you’re getting a potent, effective diet pill.

Lipnox also comes with a consumer-friendly money-back guarantee. Customers have 90 days to return Liponox if it didn’t meet their expectations. Even if a whole bottle is empty, Liponox’s makers will still grant a refund. That amount of company confidence in a diet pill is rare.

What Are the Usage Directions?

Liponox is safe and easy to use. Take 1-2 capsules with breakfast and 1-2 capsules with lunch.

On the first few days you use Liponox, stick to 1 capsule with each meal. Then increase your dosage if you want to amplify your weight loss. To be safe, never take more than 10 capsules in 24 hours.

It’s not essential to diet and exercise with Liponox. Some people lost weight using Liponox without making big lifestyle changes. But, being more active and eating right definitely enhances Liponox’s benefits.

Will Liponox Cause Side Effects?

All Liponox ingredients are 100% natural. Most people tolerate Liponox and don’t notice any side effects. They just experience dramatic weight loss.

Some people have experienced allergic reactions to ingredients in Liponox. If you fall into this category, avoid using Liponox.

Is Liponox the Diet Pill for You?

Most diet pills don’t contain only potent, proven ingredients or offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. But, Liponox isn’t most diet pills.

Unlike its competition, Liponox delivers results with an ingredient formula guaranteed to get rid of not just unwanted pounds but unwanted fat.

If you’re serious about losing weight this time around, Liponox is ready to magnify your desire and make it a reality.

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